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22 Tips to Start Your Natural Hair Journey

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First Things First...

Take time to research and understand your hair type, porosity and texture. To fully understand the path for your natural hair journey, there are four hair types you'll need to remember: Straight, (type 1) Wavy (type 2), Curly (type 3) and Coily (type 4)

Pro Tip

Invest in a spray bottle! Mist hair daily with water & conditioner bottle for best moisturizing results.

Start your natural hair journey...


  1. Keep your hair moisturised at all times by using a daily moisturiser
  2. Do not brush, comb, style or detangle dry hair
  3. Avoid applying and or styling hair with heat
  4. Massage scalp to stimulate hair growth
  5. Drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet that includes; eating low-fat proteins, dairy products, fruits, vegetables, omega-3 fish oil, Zinc  and whole grains.*
  6. Sleep in a satin bonnet/scarf. Similarly, use a shower cap in the shower
  7. Protect edges – avoid hair styles that put too much pressure on edges
* We do not provide medical assistance or nutrition advice for the purpose of preventing or treating disease, nor do we claim to be doctors or dieticians.  Any product recommendation should not be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 


  1.  Pre-poo hair with an oil such as peppermint oil before removing hair styles such as braids
  2. Keep your scalp clean but use shampoo sparingly: use sulphate-free shampoos to maintain a pH balance. Using your fingers concentrate on your scalp because that is where the build-up is found.
  3.  Use a protein-rich conditioner.  Conditioning your hair on a regular basis helps to recover it and protect it from damage. It also makes your hair look and feel better, regardless of its texture, length, or type.
  4.  Deep condition using a deep-penetrating conditioner
  5.  Seal moisture into hair by adding oils or hair butters.  Follow the LCO method (liquid (water) or Leave in conditioner, Cream, Oil).
  6.  Avoid tight hairstyles and harsh chemicals


  1.  Trim your hair regularly
  2. Wear protective styles such as braids, weaves, or twist outs to protect your hair’s natural texture as well as the ends from dehydration and damage
  3.  Protective styles should not be left in for too long. Always treat your hair before and after applying a protective hairstyle. Hair should not be neglected while in protective styles.
  4. Do Hot oil treatments and steam hair


  1. Establish a personal hair routine. The routine will differ depending on the properties of your hair. It’s all about tailoring your routine to your hair’s needs.
  2.  Document progress. Tag us on IG @saacsuppliesunlimited
  3.  Be patient and enjoy your natural hair journey!

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